Some is dying in a pool and it’s your fans clifford!

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I Want | Harry Styles 2011-2014

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Hello. -Don’t Remove Credit Or Steal Photo.


-Don’t Remove Credit Or Steal Photo.

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Puberty hit them like a bus.
-don’t remove post credit

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A fan telling Luke her twitter name with the word 'masturbate' in it +

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Happy birthday Niall James Horan! {13.09.93}

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ZAYN MALIK APPRECIATION WEEK: favorite zayn’s solos

image - “Zayn’s voice has emerged as the smoothest and strongest of the bunch.”

in order: what makes you beautiful; one thing; more than this; i wish; tell me a lie; everything about you; same mistakes; moments; live while we’re young; little things; last first kiss; change my mind; over again; they don’t know about us; summer love; she’s not afraid; loved you first; irresistible; truly, madly, deeply; story of my life; you & i (+ high note); strong; right now; through the dark; little white lies; half a heart

image - “Zayn’s part is amazing and he is definitely one of the strongest singers in the group (maybe tied with Liam). GIVE HIM ALL THE SOLOS.”

bonus: what makes you beautiful (vevo go); teenage dirtbag (cover); just can’t let her go; shot for me (cover)

image - “Zayn Malik is easily the strongest singer in the group. He gives each song (particularly ballads) a wistful, emotive bit of soul.”

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